What People Are Saying

Joia Farmer has a passion for people to know and understand God’s nearness. She uses her music and her real life experience in a way that helps people open up to grace. She is talented, approachable & exudes joy & hope, but most of all she is a sincere witness who echoes joy and love for God.
Mike Patin, Speaker & Faith Horticulturist

Working in ministry you get to meet a lot of different “characters” to say the least. One of the highest compliments I can pay to Joia Farmer is that she is a beautifully sincere soul. Joia is authentic in every way. The woman you see on stage belting out notes and sharing from the depths of her heart is the same woman you see backstage loving on her family and cracking jokes. Joia is a celebration of all that is right in Catholic ministry…she is aware of both her sins and her Savior, her love for the Church is contagious and her love for her family is obvious. Rarely do I encounter someone so blessed in both music and in preaching – she is a gift to the New Evangelization and I thank God, often, that she has so humbly chosen to put those “gifts and talents at the service of the Lord” (1 Pet 4:10). In short, Joia is a talent in every sense of the word and I’m honored to get to call her my sister in Christ.
Mark Hart – Executive Vice President, Life Teen

Authentically Catholic, authentically feminine. Joia Farmer’s testimony is relatable. Sharing honest stories of her discovery of Catholicism, life as a Catholic wife, mom and rockstar and her experiences in working to promote a culture of life, Joia challenges listeners of all ages to pursue holiness. Not your mom’s pro-life activist, Joia makes living Humanae Vitae look really really cool.
Alison Griswold, Blogger at Team Catholic, Youth Minister

John Henry Cardinal Newman’s coat of arms read, “Cor ad cor loquitur”–heart speaks to heart. This phrase rings true each time Joia Farmer speaks. She comes from a place of authenticity and lived faith that speaks straight to the heart of the listener, leading him or her to the heart of God himself.
Chris Stefanick, Director of Youth Outreach for YDisciple, Augustine Institute

As a Jr. High Youth Minister I am always looking for ways to engage the 6, 7 & 8th graders in my youth group. Enter – Joia Farmer! Each year we take our young people on retreat and the retreat is not complete without Joia and her band providing the music…everything from praise and worship to good interactive fun, ie., Hokey-Pokey! When it comes to engaging the middleschoolers in singing, dancing and having fun through music there is none better!

Then we come to the inspirational talk and sharing…most of the time as a youth minister you worry about digging deep into faith with middleschoolers but I never have to worry about that with Joia. Her lived experiences and her commitment to being 100% Catholic in her life and in her sharing creates a balance that captivates the kids and draws them into small group sharing that cannot be duplicated by any other! They just embrace her and want that part of the retreat to last longer (their words!).
If you are looking for the total package – look no further than Joia Farmer! (Unless you just like “spinning your wheels”!)
Marilyn Moix, St. Joseph Church, Conway, Arkansas

Simply put, Joia is one of the most passionate Catholic speakers on the circuit today. Combined with her humor, depth and real life approach you would be remissed to not have her at your next event.
Jon Leonetti, Catholic Speaker, Author and Radio Host

Joia’s passion and love for the Gospel are radiant as she speaks to audiences of all ages. Her authenticity captivates, and her personal testimonies challenge us to live our Catholic faith with a fervor and joy that celebrate life and the Good News of Jesus Christ. She’s the real deal – a beautiful woman on fire for Christ and his Church!
Anne Marie Cribbin

Joia’s has an ability to reach the young Church in a powerful way. Her message Is relevant and fun. Our young people and adults loved her. Just when you can’t imagine her being better she sings and you realize her music and voice make Joia something special.
Bob Perron, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

I had the privilege of hearing Joia speak this year and I found her message relevant and relatable. She was able to connect with the youth and really delivered a strong message. When she sang at the end if her talk that really sealed the deal! Joia is top notch!
Sean Forrest, Speaker, Musician, Founder of MWST Haiti Missions Organization.

Joia Farmer possesses the rare ability to not only entertain you with her tremendous musical gifts, but to leave you wowed, challenged, and changed by her powerful and passionate faith and personal Christian witness.
Shannon Cerneka, Oddwalk Ministries

Joia Farmer’s love for Christ is a constant witness of a life enveloped in faith. Her joy and passion for truth is inspiring, her dedication to her family is exemplary, and her insistence upon living out her faith is demonstrated in her talks, work with unwed mothers, and friendships. I am a Joia fan and hope you have the chance to collaborate with her in ministry.
Chris Padgett, Speaker, Musician, Author Professor at Francisican University of Steubenville

Joia has a powerful way of weaving her own journey of faith as she shares the Gospel. Using humor, her passion for the Catholic faith, and honesty, Joia is a gifted presenter who knows how to preach truth to teens in a language they can understand.
Brian Kissinger – Steubenville Youth Conference Host, Musician, Youth Minister

Authentic, genuine, powerful and humorous, audiences of all ages stand to benefit from Joia’s Christ centered message which comes from a place of healing and hope.
Shannon Deitz – Author, Speaker, Founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry

Joia Farmer has got it all – a Catholic triple threat! She can sing, she can pray, and can she ever talk! If you are looking for someone to connect with youth or adults about God, faith, forgiveness, family, life-issues, or love than look no further. Whether to 20 or 20,000, Joia speaks and sings to the heart and will not disappoint!
Matthew Robaszkiewicz, Membership Services & Meeting Planner, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc.

“What a blessing it was for me to meet and interview Joia Farmer.
Joia shared not only her powerful conversion story but her love of Christ and her passion to share the Gospel. This incredibly talented woman is a blessing to so many in so many ways, whether by music or by her powerful talks. Joia’s ability to relate to young people is a gift. You can’t fake them out….They know she’s real.”

Mark Newman, Host of Cross Roads on Radio Maria